Liquid War

Liquid War 5.6

Liquid War is a rather unique cross-platform strategy game (See all)

Liquid War is a rather unique cross-platform strategy game. It puts you in command of a liquid force and your mission is to obliterate the other liquid team. You can move your liquid in only one direction. You do so by moving your mouse to somewhere in the map, and the liquid will slowly follow the most direct route in the map to that destination. The map is full of obstacles that are strategically located to add some fun to the game. When the two liquids face each other, whoever attacks with more force will start capturing the other player's liquid. Thus, the strategy consists in attacking the enemy from multiple fronts. Since you can only move in one direction, it all boils down to whether you want to fight and potentially lose, or move back and try from a different angle. If you completely surround your enemy with your liquid, your chances are higher, because you can simply set a destination in the middle of your opponent's liquid and you will be assimilating it from all sides. Also, when you do that, your enemy can either try to escape, or try to assimilate your weaker front. It is all about strength numbers, or liters, if you want to go with a pun. The fun really starts when you play against several players. They each get a color and battles can last for very long. Even against the CPU, it is hard to finish a game. Another thing to be noted is that the fluid on screen is always the same, it just changes sides. The graphics are really nothing to call home about, but there is so much fun to be have with this game.

José Fernández
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